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The Company

Permanent Productions, Inc. is a California corporation started in 2002 by Constance L. Jackson, MPH. The main purpose of Permanent Productions is to produce specialty independent documentaries and health media products focusing on diverse populations that include women and children. Its in-house DVD and book publishing distribution services target universities, schools, libraries, governments, and certain segments of the general public.



The Founder
Constance L. Jackson, MPH, President/CEO is a filmmaker and communication/health behavior specialist. She has her bachelor's in speech communication and a master's in public health with an emphasis in social and behavioral sciences. She has over 20 years as a consultant with healthcare providers and hospitals, primarily in the industrial and urgent care specialties. From 1990-2004, she served as President/CEO of Permanent Patients, Inc., a physician-centered healthcare strategic management and marketing company in Los Angeles. Her main focus in provider relations is on the strategic leadership process in reaching underserved communities with an emphasis on changing the internal culture within practices and hospital and building collaborative external environments.

Due to the growing need for disseminating health information to the general public and to hard-to- reach populations, in 1998, Ms. Jackson expanded her services to include health media education. The documentary films produced by Permanent Productions are cutting-edge. Ms. Jackson as writer, director, and producer of the documentaries delves deep into the underlying factors that make up the nuances of an individual and a country. She has the ability to tap into the essence of many unspoken issues immersing viewers into the story, allowing them to think and talk about their own behavior and experiences.

For many populations, oftentimes the only source of perceived credible information seems to come through visual media from the Internet, TV, or movies. Permanent Productions is delivering powerful evidence-based media messages that aid the general public in thinking critically about their health choices. The documentary films and workbooks produced by Permanent Productions are tools used in workshops and public presentations given by Ms. Jackson, as well as used by group facilitators to discuss hard-to-address issues such as drug addiction, co-dependent behavior, parenting, domestic violence, teen bullying, and social problems.

Ms. Jackson is a paid public speaker and workshop facilitator on factors affecting health behavior.

To request Ms. Jackson to speak at your organization, please contact her at or 1-866-698-PERM (7376).

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